Uber Kids!! Why and How?


  • Time Inefficient — “51% of parents spend +5 hours a week driving their kids.”
  • Work Inefficient — “2 out of 3 working parents have regular job disruption for driving kids.”
  • Stressful for parents and unsatisfactory for kids — “24% of children miss out activities due to the lack of reliable transportation.”
Statistics are obtained from the HopSkipDrive survey, conducted through Google Surveys,
among 1,004 adults with children between the ages of 6 and 17.

For who?

  • Working parents with busy schedules
  • Single parents with multiple kids
  • Parents/guardians who can’t drive
  • Parents traveling for work/vacation
  • Children above ten years old with mobile phone access
  • Children participating in regular activities/training
  • >40% of K-12 students with no access to school buses (Clark, 2019)
Uber Kids target users


  • As a single working parent, I want reliable transportation for my kid so that I don’t need to drive them frequently and be more productive.
  • As a protective parent, I want to know my kids’ location to ensure they are safe.
  • As a 13-year-old boy, I want available transportation all day so that I can visit my friends whenever I want. (Who doesn’t!)
  • As a driver, I want well-paid rides so that I can increase my income.


  • A ride-hailing service to transport children from point A to B.
  • Carpool service to pair multiple parents with a designated driver to transport their children. E.g., driving kids to school or a sports club.
  • Family-to-Family ride service to pair parents up, where one parent can drive multiple kids to the same destination.

Why Uber?

Let’s Talk Features:


  • Completion rate — The ratio of requested cars to the completed trips. A low completion rate can red flag issues that prevent riders or drivers from completing trips.
  • Zeros — The number of customers who open the app and see no Uber cars in the area. The high “Zeros” rate indicates low car availability.
  • Demand-to-Supply Ratio (DSR) — The ratio of active riders to Uber kids drivers. Uber is a marketplace between riders and drivers, so it’s crucial to keep a healthy DSR to reduce the waiting time for both parties.
  • Drivers rates and reviews

Risks & Mitigations:





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