A product that does not exist (yet) but should!


Being raised with three siblings, it was hard for my mom to drive everyone to their schools. A school bus was not an option, and my mom didn’t feel comfortable letting us walk alone for 30 minutes to school. My mom’s daily cycle started at 5 am by preparing food for everyone and making sure that we are ready. Before going to work, she would have to drive all of us to different schools, and then pick us up on her way back home; (I know, she is a hero!). …

In this three-part series, we will teach you everything you need to build and deploy your own Chatbot. This is the first part of the series, where the rest of the series will cover the following topics:

We use a Jupyter Python 3 notebook as a collaborative coding environment for this project, and other bits of code for the…

Ahmed Elkhattam

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